Santa, Barefoot, Slippers for Kids, Handmade, Corfoot

See what Santa Claus left us!

A piece of his belt so we can make you some magical shoe covers.

Soft leather shoes in green color with red sole. Baby hugging shoes. Children’s slippers.

The additional insoles are made of 100% natural wool felt and are not glued into the shoe. They can be put on and taken off as you wish. We recommend using the insoles when it is very cold and when Corfoots are worn outside in winter, in the stroller or for first steps.

Size Chart
Without additional sole
Addition of natural felt insole +10€
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Santa, Barefoot, Slippers for Kids, Handmade, Corfoot


Soft leather shoes in green color with red sole. Baby hugging shoes. Children’s slippers.

The non-slip, soft sole helps to walk properly and not to sweat. The soft texture and elasticity of nappa leather ensure free movement and comfort. Hand-stitched in Corfu from 100% certified nappa leather of vegetable tanning, without chrome and without plastic coating.


Corfoots can be worn with or without socks, as you or your child prefer!

The Corfoot shoes are handmade from 100% natural Nappa leather, which has only undergone vegetable tanning.  It is completely free of heavy metals and is not coated with plastic (finish) allowing the foot to breathe and not sweat.

Our workshop is located in the Old Town of Corfu where we design and sew each pair of Corfoot. Here we have it all: the high quality nappa leather, the sewing machines and our exhibition, where we welcome our young (and old) friends to try and choose the pair of their choice.

All our designs have a soft and non-slip leather sole. In addition you can choose natural wool felt insoles for winter, which we cut and put on Corfoot.

In the ankle area we pass an elastic band for a firm fit without pressing the foot. This makes the Corfoot easy to wear but doesn’t come off the foot.

From our hands to their feet!

The leathers used in the production of Corfoot shoes bear the certifications of IVN, Biokreis e.V., and ECARF.

These certification seals and regular quality controls guarantee the excellent quality of the leather and its environmental and human health-friendliness, ensuring thorough checks at every stage of its processing, from storage to the vegetable dyeing process.

Occasional natural markings and subtle color variations serve as quality seals for Corfoot shoes. They provide evidence of the vegetable tanning undergone by the genuine, high-quality Nappa leather from which they are made.

Children’s little feet go crazy splashing in the water. Corfoot shoes, on the other hand, do not!

Small stains usually come off with baby wipes, but please avoid rubbing them too hard. Alternatively, you can clean them locally with minimal water and a special “Nubuck” leather shampoo. Please allow wet or damp Corfoot shoes to air dry naturally, without any external heat source (fire, radiator, direct sunlight), to prevent the leather from hardening.

The “hairy” parts of Corfoot shoes can be cleaned with a rubber brush. Brushing will lift the nap of the leather again. If you don’t have a rubber brush, you can rub one sole against the other.

Like any good pair of leather shoes, your Corfoot shoes should not be machine washed, as they are stitched from genuine, natural Nappa leather.

Corfoot shoes arrive to you in a useful box made of recycled cardboard.

You can also order a smart, cotton Corfoot bag that transforms its shape!

Just two snaps transform the bag into a backpack, making it easy to carry your child’s toys, little treasures, or… their snack!

Do you have any questions?

Find all your answers on the FAQ page.

Size (EU)

28-29, 30-31, 32-33

Shoe sole

Without additional sole, Addition of natural felt insole +10€


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